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CAD Pack Furniture Manager for Revit Content Summary

The CAD Pack Furniture Manager software includes graphic families for most MillerKnoll product lines.

MillerKnoll provides the CAD Pack Furniture Manager as an Add-In utility for Revit Architecture. MillerKnoll Revit Families are created with both 2D and 3D content, along with furniture data in the form of parameters. Configurations drawn in Z-Axis or AutoCAD can be imported into Revit using an Add-In utility. Product count with Standard Interchange Format (SIF) files can be generated using Element Properties and then Create SIF File. Help on the ribbon contains documents and videos to assist with learning the software.

Knoll Products included in CAD Pack

  • Anchor Storage
  • Antenna Workspaces
  • AutoStrada
  • Calibre
  • Dividends Horizon
  • Extra
  • Islands Collection
  • k. bench
  • k. lounge
  • k. screen
  • k. stand
  • Office Seating
  • Quoin
  • Reff Profiles
  • Rockwell Unscripted
  • Series 2 Storage
  • Studio
  • Template
  • Tone Height Adjustable Tables

  • This CAD Pack also includes assets representing products from Herman Miller, HAY, Muuto, Datesweiser, and Geiger.

    CAD Pack Furniture Manager Ribbon Features Summary

    Use of FM (Furniture Manager) to select and load families.
    Get quick access to load families via pulldown menu.
    Insert CAD blocks as families.

    Product Options
    Apply product options to a family.
    Apply product options to like families.

    Create a typical file from families placed in a model.
    Redraw typical from file.

    Make Views
    Create sheets to associate plan and elevation views.

    Use Element Properties utility to view and print specifications, create SIF files, and export file (.zxf) for importing into AutoCAD.
    Reload all families.
    Tag families for specification purposes used in reports and SIF.
    Search and replace catalog codes.

    Use CAD to Model to redraw an AutoCAD furniture layout with Revit families.
    Use Catalog Update to update product catalog families and software.

    Access documents and videos for the software.

    If you have questions about the use of the CAD Pack software, please see the FAQ page.
    If additional assistance is required, please contact [email protected].