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With decades of experience as a real estate investment trust company, SITE Centers looked to upgrade their New York-based office and create a space that more aptly reflects contemporary workplace design. Moving from 527 Madison Avenue to the 27th floor of 320 Park Avenue, SITE Centers had fifteen thousand square feet to plan, prioritizing collaboration and open sight lines above all. The Company worked with architecture and interior design firm, MKDA, and Knoll Dealer, EvensonBest. Together, the team decided on a 60/40 split between open office space and private offices, placing benching systems at the core of the floorplan.

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Embracing Collaboration

To bolster collaboration, the team installed Antenna Workspaces with a Horsepower center beam and low center screen. MKDA kept sight lines low, allowing natural light to easily access each workstation, while also enabling colleagues to interact and work with one another. Horsepower provides a compact technology channel with easy access to power and clean cable management. Each workstation is also paired with a Life Chair, providing unparalleled performance and ergonomic support.

Adjacent to the benching system, a Rockwell Unscripted Sawhorse table invites people to take a lunch break or collaborate over a cup of coffee. SITE Centers also installed a compact lounge area, utilizing Muuto for a more residential aesthetic. To further enhance a sense of hospitality, FilzFelt wall panels and (brown) leather Muuto Fiber Armchairs outfit the main huddle rooms which utilize a mix of material with glass paneling and wooden track sliding doors.

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Contrasting Contemporary and Traditional

In the private offices, SITE Centers sought a level of elegance, while maintaining the transparency and access to natural light felt across the remainder of the workspace. Reff Profiles provided a progressive and architectural solution that could be scaled up or down depending on the size of the private office. The premier wood solution from Knoll also matched the aesthetic quality SITE Centers required. The team balanced the contemporary and traditional aesthetics by installing Reff Profiles in white veneer in some private offices, and brown veneer in others. The contrast evokes a livelier and more contemporary space, with a nod to private offices of the past.

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An LSM table in the conference room easily manages technology while providing a distinguished look for when SITE Centers meets with clients and board members. Across the office, wood accents and earth tones come together to create a refined welcoming environment. At the product level, Muuto designs alongside Knoll benching solutions marry the residential with the workplace aesthetic. Lastly, with the warmth of Reff Profiles and the flow of natural light, SITE Centers successfully created a space that easily balances work and play in the fast-paced corporate setting of Midtown, New York.

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