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The Knoll 8


1. Protect the Biosphere

  • We will strive to make continued progress toward reducing or eliminating the release of any hazardous substance in an effort to safeguard habitats affected by our operations.
  • We will continue to reduce the use and/or emissions of hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds from our manufacturing operations through the introduction of clean technologies.
  • We will provide water treatment facilities that meet or exceed discharge criteria.
  • We will monitor storm water, conserve water use, and develop processes to minimize water pollution.

2. Use Natural Resources Responsibly

  • We strive to make the best use of renewable resources, such as water, soil and forests, and conserve non-renewable natural resources.
  • We will make sustainable use of renewable natural resources through efficient use and careful planning.
  • We will continue to seek opportunities to use sustainable forests in our products.
  • We will minimize the use of wooden pallets.
  • We will attempt to recycle or make beneficial use of wood scrap generated in our manufacturing operations.
  • We will continue to seek recycling opportunities for scrap generated in our manufacturing operations.
  • We will continue to utilize post-consumer and post-industrial materials in our products where practical.
  • We will be environmentally responsible in our purchase of materials.

3. Reduce Waste

  • We will reduce, recycle, and where possible, eliminate waste, and we will dispose of all waste using safe and responsible methods.
  • We will dispose of our waste only in well-operated and permitted facilities.

4. Conserve Energy

  • We will conserve energy by improving the efficiency of our internal operations and the goods and services we sell. We will make every effort to use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources.
  • We will conserve energy and improve energy efficiency.
  • Wood Recycling: 5,895 tons of wood scrap and 4,270 tons of sawdust
  • Cardboard recycling: 1,660 tons of corrugated cardboard
  • Aluminum recycling: 192 tons
  • Steel recycling: 6,608 tons
  • We will implement a program to upgrade existing low-efficiency motors to higher efficiency motors.
  • We will implement a program to upgrade existing lighting, where practical, at each facility.

5. Reduce Risk to People and the Environment

  • We will strive to minimize the environmental health and safety risks to our associates and the communities in which we operate through safe technologies, sound transportation practices, safe facilities and operating procedures, and emergency preparedness.
  • We will design our processes to prevent injury to the health and welfare of Knoll associates, the community, and the environment.
  • We will develop and implement health and safety policies and programs to help prevent injury and illnesses to our associates.
  • We will develop and implement health and wellness awareness and illness prevention programs.
  • We will design and develop training programs to provide Knoll associates with the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfill the objectives of the Environment, Health and Safety Plan.

6. Create Safe Products and Services

  • We will reduce, and, where possible, eliminate the use, manufacture or sale of products and services that cause environmental damage or health or safety hazards. We will inform our customers of the environmental impacts of our product or services in an effort to prevent unsafe use.
  • We will design and engineer durable products; investigate using recycled materials in the design of our products; and design safety features and ergonomics into our products.
  • We will provide independent testing to help assure the safety of our products.

7. Restore the Environment

  • We will comply responsibly with the law to address conditions we have caused that endanger health, safety or the environment.

8. Inform the Public

  • We will comply with the law to inform in a timely manner those who may be affected by conditions caused by our operations that might endanger health, safety, or the environment, and will encourage associates to report dangerous incidents or conditions to management.