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Market Focus

Global Business Division

For more 80 years, Knoll has explored the power of modern design to create workplaces that inspire and endure. We recognize that there is no one workplace of the future, but a range of possibilities based on our clients' business goals. Leveraging our strategic planning experience and guiding principle of modern design, we work with our clients to deliver long-term value through strategic workplace solutions. We know the importance of the physical environment on an organization's performance, especially in various global locations.

Since the establishment of Knoll International in 1951, Knoll has been committed to serving multinational clients across the world’s major markets through a comprehensive global network of Knoll manufacturing sites, Knoll showrooms and local Knoll dealers.

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Manufacturing on Four Continents

Knoll supports international clients via 12 manufacturing facilities located in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Each of our sites is certified to the ISO 9001 standard — the internationally recognized standard for defining quality management standards and procedures.


  • North America:
    • East Greenville, PA
    • Grand Rapids, MI
    • Muskegon, MI
    • Toronto, ON
  • Europe:
    • Foligno, Italy
    • Graffignana, Italy


  • Asia:
    • Dongguan, China
    • Goa, India
    • Johor, Malaysia
    • Singapore
  • South America:
    • Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil


A Global Service Network

The support and commitment of an established local dealer presence is essential to the success of any project; many intricate details are unique to each location. Partnering with local Knoll dealers worldwide allows our clients to efficiently and cost-effectively manage a range of regional challenges:

  • Perspective.  Knoll dealer partners offer insight into architectural code considerations for workplace interiors and related cultural design considerations.
  • Planning. Knoll dealer partners understand that workstation footprint and storage requirements/size can vary widely by geography throughout Europe and Asia.
  • Electrical Code Requirements.  Knoll dealer partners provide counsel on regional electrical current and receptacle configurations.
  • Importation and Installation. Knoll dealer partners are poised to coordinate unique activities and fees associated with customs clearance, freight, handling, duties/taxes/tariffs and local delivery.


Consistent Service,
Regardless of Location

Knoll provides unparalleled service, no matter location.


  • CAD planning and specification development
  • Installation drawings in collaboration with architects
  • Advice on local code requirements
  • Liaison with electricians and other contractors


  • Manufacturing and shipping coordination
  • Materials and finishes coordination with other suppliers


  • Site familiarity to ensure coordination of delivery sequencing
  • Delivery and packaging removal process
  • Installation support with other contractors
  • Paper trail acknowledgements, packing lists and punch lists


  • Full After-sale service program

A Truly Global Product Platform

Our commitment to understanding a customer's international needs depends on understanding an organization's goals and offering an unparalleled product portfolio to match. We provide the breadth and depth of furniture and technology support solutions to accommodate the practical considerations of each discrete workplace while, at the same time, reflecting the organization's overall culture and brand.

Knoll offers the flexibility of a truly global product platform — one capable of being manufactured regionally and distributed throughout the world’s major markets — to ensure consistency of aesthetic and function throughout a client’s global footprint. Complementing this platform are region-specific products that can be used in conjunction with or in lieu of globally available products to reflect local expression with regard to workstyle, culture, configuration and design.

A Team Committed to Providing Seamless Service

The Knoll Global Business Division (GBD) represents a dedicated team with the expertise, capabilities and resources to serve clients through domestic and international workplace initiatives.  With a robust, international team — supported through Knoll’s full global resources as well as our comprehensive 300 dealer network — the Knoll global team ensures seamless coordination of client requirements for global standards, project execution and consistent communications.



Featured Research & Project Profiles


    Research July 14, 2014

    Located on the Red Sea, in the Saudi Arabian desert, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is a new international, graduate-level research university. To design and build an environment, in just 28 months, for an institution that existed only in concept required Herculean efforts from an international team.

  • Regional Employee Preferences and Global Workplace Strategy

    Research July 19, 2012

    With global business on the rise, multinational organizations are challenged to create a workspace strategy that makes efficient use of capital - but also respects regional expectations for office space. This paper describes an international study conducted by Knoll that compares North American and "Rest of World" employees in how they rated the importance of workspace design and technology capabilities.

  • Emirates Airlines UAE

    Project Profile June 02, 2009

    This project for an airline based in Dubai features AutoStrada® workstations.