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  • Reception and Lounge

    By ApplicationReception and Lounge Reflect your brand, set your image. Comfort, quality and finish all serve as opportunities to convey company culture while welcoming clients, guests and employees in style.

Lounge Seating  View All

  • Florence Knoll Lounge Chair

  • Pfister Sofa

  • Krefeld Sofa and Ottoman

  • Womb Settee

Side and Coffee Tables  View All

  • Barcelona® Table

  • D'Urso Low Tables

  • SM Coffee Table
  • Platner Coffee Table

  • Krusin Coffee Table

Side and Guest Chairs  View All

  • Shelton Mindel Side Chair

  • Krusin Side Chair

  • Brno Chair - Flat Bar

  • Platner Arm Chair

Systems  View All

  • Reff Profiles™

  • AutoStrada®

  • Dividends Horizon®

  • Template®

Task Chairs  View All

  • Generation by Knoll®

  • ReGeneration by Knoll®

  • Life
  • Chadwick®

  • EWC Sport™ Task Chair

Accessories View All

  • Sapper XYZ®

  • Sapper 50® Monitor Arm

  • Smokador™ Collection

  • Fabric Communications Board