• Acoustic Products

Acoustic Products

Coverings to control excess noise throughout the office

Our workplaces are getting louder. Collaborative teamwork is more and more essential to doing exceptional things, but the price is noise. Surfaces and systems designed to dampen sound can reduce the excess, increasing focus and making the office a pleasant, productive place for everyone.

Knoll offers a range of products and materials through KnollTextiles and FilzFelt that help control acoustic levels in and between Activity Spaces, primary work areas, and highly-trafficked thoroughfares. Besides their acoustic benefits, these products also introduce texture, warmth and color to the workplace, infusing spaces with a calm, welcoming atmosphere that inspires people to do their best.

Applied + Wall-mounted

Applied and wall-mounted acoustic products are modular units that can be easily deployed around the office. Soft materials,  either felt or fabric, are adhered to a molded or extruded acoustic foam substrate.

The ARO Collection and Akustika from FilzFelt offer felt-wrapped acoustic foam modules that can be mounted to the wall or ceiling to absorb sound and create attractive, architectural statements.

The Ruckstuhl Collection features discreet panels that can be mounted 10cm off the wall for optimal sound absorption.

KnollTextiles Impressions is a wall-mounted acoustic tile system where six classic KnollTextiles patterns are "impressed" onto high performance, ultra-thin acoustic substrate tiles.


Suspended Panels + Baffles

For open interiors where sound absorption and spatial definition are needed, FilzFelt suspended panels and baffles address both needs while introducing moments of color, texture and brand reinforcement throughout.

ARO Collection and Akustika baffles are oriented perpendicular to the ceiling to optimize sound absorption above noisy areas in the office, or where quiet is at a premium.

Akustika suspended panels, hung horizontally, and Ruckstuhl panels, hung vertically, control sound levels and help define spaces in the open plan.


KnollTextiles acoustic drapery fabrics can significantly contribute to sound reduction in a space without blocking light.

Hint has a slight shimmer and comes in a warm & cool neutral palette. Hint has up to a .75 NRC, which means 75% of the sound energy that contacts that material is absorbed rather than reflected back into a room.

Noren is inspired by traditional Japanese fabric dividers, hung between rooms, on walls, in doorways, or in windows. It is a semi-sheer drapery with a crisp and dry hand. It has up to a .65 NRC rating.


For workplaces where flexibility is essential, The Ruckstuhl Collection from FilzFelt offers freestanding acoustic panels that can be relocated to different areas of the office. Floor-standing pieces define Activity Spaces in the open plan and offer enclosure and privacy when used in a primary workstation.
Desktop panels help reduce noise and delineate personal space in the open plan.

Acoustic Products