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AutoCAD Furniture Symbol Library

The Knoll FSL delivers AutoCAD based plan view and 3D graphic libraries for all Knoll’s major product lines.
The download includes two complementary applications:

  • The Knoll FSL Library Manager
  • The Knoll FSL AutoCAD Palette

The Knoll FSL Library Manager is a powerful content management application that maintains library selections and access control options. For each individual product library users choose one of three access options:

  • On-Demand: Delivers individual graphics via an internet connection in real time as the user inserts graphics using the Knoll FSL AutoCAD Palette application.
  • Download: Downloads a copy of the library to the user’s local drive. Once downloaded this option requires no internet connectivity.
  • Not Active: Libraries set to “Not Active” do not appear in the Knoll FSL AutoCAD Palette application.

In addition to these access controls users also have the option to include or exclude access to the 3D graphics for each library. The Knoll FSL AutoCAD Palette AutoCAD plugin provides navigation and insertion for all active libraries. View controls provide the ability to swap between plan view and 3D graphics. Other options include the ability to choose the desired unit preferences and the ability to produce and export a product takeoff report in a variety of file formats.

A complete product tutorial is available on the web site or directly through the Knoll FSL Library Manager interface once installed. The Knoll FSL is 32 and 64 BIT compliant and works with AutoCAD releases 2010 - 2017. For technical support email Knoll. Please reference Knoll FSL in the subject line.