Dwell Calls Knoll Designer Jonathan Olivares an Emerging Design Talent

Olivares Among “Designers of Tomorrow Who Bring a Fresh Eye to Everything They Create.”

April 27, 2014

Jonathan Olivares, designer of the Olivares Aluminum Chair for Knoll, is celebrated as an emerging talent in the design world by Dwell, the modern architecture and design magazine.

The Olivares Aluminum Chair is a meticulously executed design that brings a refined sculptural presence to indoor and outdoor environments alike. Dwell writer Alice Kimm describes the chair as “a space-saving stacking chair in colorful matte finishes.”

“During the course of the chair’s development with Knoll, [Olivares] broadened his view of the office environment with an imagined outdoor work setting for educational and business environments,” notes Kimm.

Olivares presented his outdoor office concept at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012. The exhibit was accompanied by his book, A Taxonomy of Office Chairs, a headfirst dive into the evolution, aesthetic and functionality of office chairs.

Jonathan Olivares is an emerging talent and among "designers of tomorrow who bring a fresh eye to everything they create."

Olivares Aluminum Chair