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Curtain Up! in Montreal

Montreal-based Knoll dealer, Burovision, outfits showroom with Rockwell Unscripted

Knoll on Architectural Digest and DwellLocated in Montreal, Knoll dealer Burovision, welcomed an interior renovation outfitted with the latest furniture collection from Knoll: Rockwell Unscripted by the Rockwell Group. In celebration of a fresh look, Burovision hosted an evening gathering, inviting both clients as well as designers from the local community.

Knoll on Architectural Digest and DwellBurovision's renovation incorporated the range of Rockwell Unscripted products from Telly Screens to Mobile Storage Carts. Pavilions configured from cork board lined Creative Walls provide semi-private workspaces, while Anchor storage with Dividends Horizon render more traditional individual workspaces. 

Alexandra Choquette, Burovision vice president, commented, "Rockwell Unscripted, has the incredible capability of adapting to already existing furnishings in addition to accommodating more traditional workplace layouts." The Rockwell Unscripted solution "allowed the showroom to have an overall less prescriptive workplace, where employees come and go, working wherever they deem best for the task at hand," Choquette added.

Knoll on Architectural Digest and DwellBurovision has been a full service furniture dealership, building inspirational work environments since 1991. The firm is the exclusive Knoll furniture dealer and DIRTT architectural wall distribution partner serving the Quebec market.

Knoll on Architectural Digest and DwellUnscripted features a comprehensive, eclectic array of fresstanding, architecturally grounded and movable elements that can be used to create a variety of experiences, from gathering spaces to quiet retreats. Creative walls and steps evoke the energy of performance, while the lounge elements conjure the atmosphere of a hotel lobby. Tables become a stage for work, conversation and celebration. Modular and mobile storage elements evoke the casual feeling of a workshop. 

Knoll on Architectural Digest and DwellResponding to the recent installation of Rockwell Unscripted, Renzo Fraraccio, Burovision president, noted that "the collection is very much open to what people want to do with it. Individuals can personalize a new space in a matter of seconds, arranging furniture to meet the demands of their current task." Such personalization makes employees feel comfortable and ultimately more productive. 

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Rockwell Unscripted®
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Rockwell Unscripted® Mobile Storage
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Rockwell Unscripted® Telly Screen
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Rockwell Unscripted® Modular Storage