“Tools for Life" Highlighted by Architizer in “5 Rules Designers Are Breaking to Stand Out”

April 24, 2014

An April 23, 2014 piece from Architizer, the largest and fastest-growing database of architecture online, praises “Tools for Life,” the award-winning collection of furniture from OMA and Knoll. The collection, recipient of the 2014 Architizer A+ Award for Products + Partnerships, performs in a myriad of ways, changing both physically and functionally to suit a variety of environments and uses.

In the piece, “5 Rules Designers Are Breaking to Stand Out,” Architizer writer Janelle Zara notes that “groundbreaking design often requires breaking the rules, and the winners in the A+ Awards Products category are no exception.”

“Tools for Life” challenges the perception that “the office is a static space,” notes Zara. “We dread Mondays in part for the dolorous tone of the office, but Rem Koolhaas, architecture’s resident provocateur, doesn’t believe we have to live this way.”

The 11-piece collection, which includes the 04 Counter, is dynamic, innovative, and experimental.

“Their kinetic elements — pistons, hydraulics, and unconventional forms — afford movement that defies traditional office typologies, or the idea that the workplace requires sitting still,” concludes Zara.

The collection debuted at the 2013 Salone Internazionale del Mobile at Prada's Milan exhibition space, where the pieces were first previewed during Prada’s Fall Men's Show earlier in the year. “Tools for Life” offers a contemporary interface between furniture and people, supporting the ebb and flow of work and social life, while adjusting to the different needs of both.