Truly Indoors Reviews the Sapper™ Monitor Arm from Knoll

July 16, 2014

Truly Indoors, the blog that offers reviews on a range of topics including products, gadgets, home décor and accessories, calls the Sapper™ Monitor Arm “a simple tool [that] can improve the way you work (and play)” in a July 15, 2014 online article.

Richard Sapper conceived the Sapper Monitor Arm Collection to set a new standard for intuitive functionality, ease of reconfiguration and unobtrusive visual elegance. Renowned for his forward thinking workplace and technology products, Sapper has engineered the most straightforward and refined monitor arm collection available today – one worthy of being included in The Museum of Modern Art Architecture and Design Collection.

The Sapper Monitor Arm features “three pivot points, allowing it to spring forward, fall back and even fold flat out of the way,” writes Truly Indoors.

"The best part for creative professionals is the 360 degrees of rotation for portrait or landscape viewing- so you can edit documents or media in the appropriate orientation.”

“The arm itself doesn’t weigh much- under three pounds” and can support “up to 20 pounds monitors, which should be enough for all but the heftiest displays, and incorporates cable management so you can hide those cords,” concludes Truly Indoors.

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