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Work Design Magazine Recaps WorkTech '15 Takeaways

Knoll-sponsored research on the future workplace recognized

Knoll in WorkTech

Work Design Magazine summarized five "favorite conversations" that took place on May 13 and 14 at WORKTECH '15 in New York City. Among the five, Work Design listed the workplace, an expert panel on findings from a forthcoming Knoll-sponsored research paper about workplace practices that emphasize community and user experience. 

The piece quotes Knoll's Tracy Wymer, Vice President Workplace, who sat on the panel. "We've always been interested in working from home," he posed. "But what about homing from work? How do we foster community?"

Wymer joined Martha Clarkson, Microsoft, and Nona Gross, Siemens on the panel. The group discussed a key prediction put forward in the research about a new kind of space that is developing as physical and digital worlds combine. The new space is heralded by workplace trends that place a premium on quality design in support of employee community and social experiences: the "humanization of the workplace," as Wymer described at the event. 

Work Design Magazine also covered conversations about employee health and well-being, acoustical privacy, and diversity in working styles.