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    Laminate Storage Solutions

    With its universal aesthetic, broad scope and power and technology capabilities, Anchor answers storage needs across a variety of spaces.


    Designed by Marc Krusin with David Noel

    Versatile Laminate Storage Solution

    A comprehensive storage solution, Anchor scales from freestanding and mobile options to private office and total workstation solutions. Anchor components are designed to work together to create tailored solutions for every storage need.

    Individual and Group

    Anchor’s versatile solutions solve for the needs of many – from workstations to shared and group spaces. Elements are designed to store everything from traditional hanging files to shared work tools to personal items like bags and snacks.

    Power and Technology

    Additional features and planning applications integrate technology and access to power for a complete, well-rounded solution.


    • color Studio White
    • color White
    • color Warm Stone
    • color Pumice
    • color Folkstone Grey
    • color Medium Grey
    • color Jet Black
    • color Whitened Ash
    • color Clear on Ash
    • color Light Ash
    • color Warm Ash
    • color Natural Maple
    • color Oak on Ash
    • color Classic Oak
    • color Natural Cherry
    • color Medium Matte Walnut
    • color Walnut
    • color Walnut on Ash
    • color Grey Ash
    • color Graphite Pear
    • color Anchor Pull
    • color Studio White
    • color White
    • color Warm Stone
    • color Folkstone Grey
    • color Sandstone
    • color Medium Grey
    • color Carbon
    • color Graphite
    • color Brown
    • color Ultra Black
    • color Beige Mist Metallic
    • color Silver
    • color Medium Grey Metallic
    • color Anodized Aluminum
    • color Anodized Nickel
    • color Dark Red
    • color Red
    • color Olive Green
    • color Canary Yellow
    • color Slate Blue
    • color Cylinder Lock
    • color RFID Lock
    • color Keypad Lock
    • color Anchor Foot
    • color Studio White
    • color White
    • color Folkstone Grey
    • color Medium Grey
    • color Carbon
    • color Ultra Black
    • color Silver
    • color Pedestal Cushion
    • color Tray Top Pedestal PET Liner
    • color Tray Top Pedestal Cork Liner
    • color Credenza Cushion

    Additional Information

    Sustainable Design and Environmental Certification
    • Learn more about Anchor product certifications and materials at Ecomedes.