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Table and Desktop Power

Putting power where you need it.

Today's workforce expects access to power throughout the office. With more fluid spaces and mobile devices now integral to work, power must be available wherever people may land throughout the day. Our table and desktop power solutions deliver convenient access to power for workstations, meeting tables and touchdown spaces.


Mounted above or below the worksurface, or inset, Knoll universal power options are available in a variety of sizes, styles and capacities.




Above-mounted, clamp-on modules are an ideal solution for desks and tables with single-sided access.

These modules are the most flexible option, as they require no permanent modification – cutting or drilling – to the worksurface.

Modules can be repositioned around the table as layouts are changed due to shifting needs of a team.


Under-mounted modules are well-suited to tables and desks that need to be accessed from multiple sides, or grouped together. These modules mount to the underside of most worksurfaces with simple hardware and can be relocated if needed.

Under-mounted power strips are an ideal solution for helping manage cables in height-adjustable applications.


Inset power modules provide the most integrated solution.

Because they can be accessed from any side of the table, inset power modules are useful in training table applications where configurations are constantly changing.

Inset modules are also ideal for meeting and conference applications, with either smaller modules distributed along the table, or larger, high capacity modules centrally positioned.

Inset modules are the most permanent option, and require cutting grommets through the worksurface.