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Mount Si
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Located in Washington State between Rattlesnake Ridge and the Snoqualmie River floodway, Mount Si High School opened Phase 1 of the new school in 2019. The 358,000 square feet space, housing 2,300 students, is divided among four buildings that represent smaller Freshman, Junior and Senior campuses. The new design was driven by the school’s unique location and the need for a 21st century learning space. 

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A New Kind of Learning

The drive to create a modern, technologically grounded design that addressed today’s needs while anticipating tomorrows meant that the space had to be flexible and offer a diverse range of learning environments. A committee of 20 members of staff, students, parents and administrators aimed to create an environment that mirrored a community college while still providing a sense of safety and security. To achieve this goal, architecture firm NAC Architecture, working with interior designer Emily Spillar and Knoll Dealer Systems Source, re-conceptualized the relationship between formal and informal learning. The result: A wide range of workspaces and the overall adaptability of the space to react to its current needs. 

The team achieved this by providing many informal learning environments, one of them being the high school hallway. The hallway features enclaves that utilize k. Lounge benches as well as team focus rooms equipped with Dividends Horizon X-Base Tables and MultiGeneration by Knoll chairs. Mindful of the natural backdrop of the Cascade Mountains, the Knoll furniture complements the varying shades of green in nature with cool-toned greys and reds. In addition to the hallway breakout spaces, the plan features three large lunch and gathering areas.

Flexible Spaces

The design program also included private offices that house school administrators. The offices combine traditional office needs with space for collaboration; Dividends Horizon X-Base tables allow students and administrators to work collaboratively with ease.

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