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Material Spotlight: 

Wood Excellence

Wood Enriches the Workplace

Wood elevates today’s office environments with its warmth and beauty. Welcoming and inspiring, wood brings the outside in, infusing the collaborative workplace with a sense of well-being and balance.

Wood Cover 2

Our long-time commitment to environmental practices assures that your office meets today’s sustainability standards. From the outset, we select a variety of FSC-certified species (FSC® C028824)  –from walnut to teak– for their durability and intrinsic beauty. These quality veneers, with their unique patterns and colors, come together create furniture with refined elegance and scale.

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Wood Detail 5
Reff Profiles Private Office3
Knoll Sf 6211
Wood Detail 1

Our research reveals that wood is one of the most beneficial materials for the workplace, capable of influencing workers psychologically and physiologically.

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We Know Wood

Our Foundation is in Wood

For over 80 years, we’ve worked with wood, bringing its beauty and performance to the workplace. It all began with Hans Knoll when he arrived from Europe with, “one good wood chair,” launching a brand rooted in the Modernist tradition of beauty and craft. 

Antenna Workspaces, 2010
Stephens Office System, 1971
Antenna Workspaces
Stephens System 2
Rockwell Unscripted Library Table, 2016
Florence Knoll Conference Table, 1961
Rockwell Unscripted Library Table
Florence Knoll Coference Table
Krusin Lounge Chair, 2010
Risom Lounge Chair, 1943
Krusin Lounge Chair Split
Risom Lounge Chair Split
Reff Profiles, 2008
Florence Knoll Collection, 1957
Reff Private Office
Florence Knoll Private Office

Fit and Finish

Fit and Finish

Our specialists travel the world sourcing, inspecting and handpicking natural veneers that meet the Knoll standard, sourcing wood from responsibly managed forests.

Veneer Review

Recognized as a leader in clean manufacturing technology, our sophisticated manufacturing processes encompass advanced finishing capacity. Our new Knoll Office finishing line, twice the length of a football field, delivers veneer finishes to exacting specifications for quality, consistency and integrity.

The Knoll Office core collection of 25 natural and Techwood veneers in open and closed pore options with high, medium or low gloss levels offers an exciting range of design options to reimagine the contemporary workplace.

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Wood Production 1
Veneer Machine Inline

Good for You,
Good for the Environment

Our attention to detail and quality has resulted in an unmatched portfolio of environmentally responsible wood products. Knoll Office products are manufactured using wood from responsibly managed forests. The Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ® C028824) ensures that Knoll products bearing the FSC mark are manufactured with wood from forests that protect environmental, social and economic values.

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Across the Constellation

Across the Knoll constellation, we elevate your workplace with wood

From the clean lines of Scandinavian design to the timeless appeal of modernism, the Knoll constellation integrates exceptional craft and choice. Across our brands, we offer complementary finishes and wood materials that harmonize your space.

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Knoll Office 1

Reff Profiles in Walnut Veneer

Knoll Office 

Knoll introduced the Stephens System in 1973: the first office system in the industry made of wood. Since then, we’ve refined our use of wood, incorporating the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship; sophisticated manufacturing process; and the sustainable harvesting of wood

Knoll Sf 5742

Rockwell Unscripted Sawhorse Table in Rustic Walnut

Antenna Wood Table

Antenna Big Table in Natural Cherry

Knoll Studio Fkcredenza 1

Florence Knoll Credenza in Ebonized Oak


Since the beginning, the beauty of wood has brought organic appeal to the modern and contemporary designs of the KnollStudio collection.

Knoll Studio Lsm 1

LSM Conference Table in Natural Oak

Krusin Private Office

Krusin Side Chair in Fumed Oak

Datesweiser 02 0343 R5

Highline Twenty-Five Storage in Natural Rift American White Oak


Jim Dates and Allan Weiser made their first prototypes in a garage in Buffalo with a shared ambition to create the finest custom wood furniture. Their designs incorporate stunning solid woods, beautiful veneers and the highest standards of quality.

Dates Weiser 1

Highline Conference Table in Natural Quartered Walnut

Datesweiser 03 0456

Highline Fifty Storage in Natural Rift American White Oak

Muuto1560238721882660 Chicaho Showroom 2019 Muuto Lo Res 13

Muuto Base Table in Oak


Essential to the Scandinavian design heritage, Muuto combines a light and refreshing approach to wood with comfort and craftsmanship.

Muuto1560241290852815 Chicaho Showroom 2019 Muuto Lo Res 34
Muutocover Chair 7070 Table Grain Pendant Lamp Corky 1499783032

Muuto Cover Chair in Oak