Elle Decor celebrates Knoll’s new versatile collection with Ini Archibong

Ini Archibong's Versatile New Collection for Knoll Looks Good Inside and Out

Elle Decor praises the Ini Archibong and Knoll collaboration for melding ”narrative with function.” The author, Camille Okhio, explains the meaning behind the Iquo Collection, describing how it was named after Archibong’s mother and grandmother–in their native language. Okhio highlights everything that the collection has to offer – with four unique designs that are available in a range of colors – and celebrates it for being “infinitely interchangeable and unfailingly chic.”

Okhio gives credit to Archibong for taking the time to make sure that his designs not only aligned with his own narrative but also upheld Knoll’s brand identity. In Okhio’s interview with Archibong, he explains how he achieved this goal by constantly asking himself “if Knoll were a person what would they look and sound like?” His answer led him to create the beautifully designed pieces of the Iquo Collection that are strong enough to be used both indoors and outdoors, but also fit perfectly in any space. When speaking on behalf of his design, Archibong reveals that he “designed the pieces to be touched” and that “the magic is all in the details.”