Knoll-Furnished Mercy Health – West Hospital Showcased in Healthcare Design Magazine

August 27, 2014

The August 2014 issue of Healthcare Design magazine showcases “innovative design solutions” at the Knoll-furnished Mercy Health West Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. The space takes a new approach to healthcare architecture, balancing beauty, culture and function to set a new standard for hospital design.

The 140,000-square-foot space supports operational efficiency and furniture flexibility.  “The large building footprint allows for future expansion without requiring a major overhaul to the facility," notes Healthcare Design magazine writer Anne DiNardo.

“Mercy can change and alter the size of the hospital without changing its primary functions. That was a big thing,” said Mic Johnson, lead designer on the project.

Brett Oberholzer, principle of Champlin Architecture, notes, “A side benefit of the single-level D&T (diagnostics and treatment) is that there’s no implied hierarchy of importance of aliments and procedures. The staff feels like they are equal parts of the same patient care team.”

“Centralized work areas and conference rooms throughout the hospital provide space for collaboration between care providers,” DiNardo continues. A combination of centralized and decentralized nursing stations help keep nurses closer to patients.

“The ICU, located one floor up from the interventional platform, feature straight and curved corridors to improve sight lines and create a less institutional feel.”  These elements, in addition to Mercy Health West Hospital’s “future-thinking layouts and operational efficiencies," are being used as a model for other hospital renovations in the region.