Dividends Horizon®

Office Design for the Dynamic Workplace.

Dividends Horizon has the versatility to provide thoughtful primary workspaces for focus work and concentration, inspiring Activity Spaces to encourage teamwork and collaboration, and distinctive private office and conference spaces to support organizational structure and large teams.  A consistent aesthetic and a robust set of common components and finish options support the wide range of demands of a dynamic and evolving office design.


Rapidly changing technology, the competitive economy and a diverse workforce are driving organizations to reimagine their workplace to compete for talent, increase speed to market and engage their people. Dividends Horizon helps organizations accomplish these goals, balancing concentration and collaboration; structure and innovation; cost containment and attract and retain.

Key Benefits

A ROBUST AND VERSATILE SYSTEM SOLUTION.  Dividends Horizon provides both strength and versatility in all workplace applications. Well-chosen horizons, diverse floor plans and the right combination of modular and freestanding furniture offer clients and designers the freedom to make the most of their workplace. 

ARCHITECTURAL DELINEATION OF SPACE.  Dividends Horizon delivers the right balance of concentration and collaboration. Panels provide a sense of privacy, refuge and organization in primary workspaces, while open weave screens and glass elements delineate space between primary and Activity Spaces without blocking light.

COST EFFICIENCY AND REDUCED COST OF OWNERSHIP. As organizations anticipate and address changes in the workplace, cost is a primary consideration.  Dividends Horizon is an open plan system designed to evolve, delivering exceptional initial value and continued efficiency to minimize the total cost of ownership.

Product Finishes

  • color Bright White - Smooth
  • color Pumice - Smooth
  • color Soft Grey - Smooth
  • color Folkstone Grey - Smooth
  • color Sandstone - Smooth
  • color Medium Grey - Smooth
  • color Dark Grey - Smooth
  • color Brown - Smooth
  • color Jet Black - Smooth
  • color Beige Mist Metallic - Smooth
  • color Silver - Smooth
  • color Medium Metallic Grey - Smooth
  • color Bright White
  • color Micro Sand
  • color Brushed Sand
  • color Micro Grey
  • color Soft Grey
  • color Pumice
  • color Brushed Grey
  • color Fog
  • color Folkstone Grey
  • color Medium Grey
  • color Jet Black
  • color Whitened Ash
  • color Light Ash
  • color Warm Ash
  • color Grey Ash
  • color Natural Maple
  • color Natural Cherry
  • color Medium Cherry
  • color Classic Oak
  • color Walnut
  • color Graphite Pear
  • color Zebra
  • color White - Warp Net Open Weave (Dividends Horizon)
  • color Medium Grey - Warp Net Open Weave (Dividends Horizon)
  • color Dark Value Grey - Warp Net Open Weave (Dividends Horizon)
  • color Warm Cool Neutral - Warp Net Open Weave (Dividends Horizon)
  • color Brushed Gold - Warp Net Open Weave (Dividends Horizon)

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Additional Info

    Environmental Certification
    • BIFMA level™ 3 certified
    • Available with an FSC® certified claim
    • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®
    • Can contribute to achieving LEED® certification for Existing Buildings,
      Commercial Interiors and New Construction


    Sustainable Design
    • 15-30% recycled content steel
    • 20% recycled content aluminum
    • 100% recycled content particleboard
    • Steel and aluminum components recyclable
    • Fabric Tiles available with 100% recycled content fabric
    • Powder coating, water-based adhesives and UV-cured wood coating are virtually VOC-free
    • Best of NeoCon Silver, Furniture System Enhancements, 2007


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Featured Projects

Dividends Horizon is the latest iteration of the Dividends system, originally designed by Carl Magnusson and David Noel in 1997. Recognizing the strength of Magnusson and Noel’s initial concept and thinking, but aware of changing aesthetics and new technology demands, Knoll Director of Design Benjamin Pardo opted to redesign and update Dividends in 2007.

Pardo enlisted Jeffrey Bernett, Nicholas Dodziuk and David Noel to evaluate the current product — adding where necessary, removing when appropriate and bringing an overall aesthetic freshness to the collection.

The resulting system, according to Pardo, “is all about a product in elevation, to define the space and let light and air flow through.” Jeffrey Bernett explains: “Dividends Horizon evolves the office landscape by creating a layered approach to furniture design, with new focal points and an overall design consistency that integrates existing product with new product offerings."

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