A Plannable Storage System

A true hybrid product, Template brings Knoll systems expertise to the storage category, combing multiple storage and surface options to offer a unique kit of parts for designing open plan and private office environments.


Essentially a 15” thick panel, Template divides space and provides comprehensive storage solutions, including hanging files, simultaneously. Template integrates seamlessly with Antenna® Workspaces and Dividends Horizon®.


The compact, 15”deep footprint and dual-sided access give Template the versatility to be used in any workspace design: freestanding, as a spine in core planning, or as a workwall or architectural element in perimeter, team and private office designs.


Key Benefits

PLANNING VERSATILITY. With multiple horizons and unique two-sided access, Template enables a topography of sightlines and surfaces to define space in core or perimeter workspace designs.

SIMPLE MODULAR LOGIC. Template’s modular, component-based construction allows for maximum flexibility and customization.

COMPREHENSIVE MATERIAL AND AESTHETIC OPTIONS. Template offers a wide range of finish options, multiple storage fronts and backs, various door styles and fully customizable shelving schemes.

COMPACT 15” PLANNING FOOTPRINT. By using less space than conventional storage systems, Template increases space efficiency.

INTEGRATION WITH OTHER SYSTEMS. Template combines seamlessly with Antenna Workspaces and Dividends Horizon.

Product Finishes

  • color Bright White - Smooth
  • color Pumice - Smooth
  • color Soft Grey - Smooth
  • color Folkstone Grey - Smooth
  • color Sandstone - Smooth
  • color Medium Grey - Smooth
  • color Dark Grey - Smooth
  • color Brown - Smooth
  • color Jet Black - Smooth
  • color Bright White
  • color Micro Sand
  • color Brushed Sand
  • color Micro Grey
  • color Soft Grey
  • color Pumice
  • color Brushed Grey
  • color Fog
  • color Folkstone Grey
  • color Medium Grey
  • color Jet Black
  • color Whitened Ash
  • color Light Ash
  • color Warm Ash
  • color Grey Ash
  • color Natural Maple
  • color Natural Cherry
  • color Medium Cherry
  • color Classic Oak
  • color Walnut
  • color Graphite Pear
  • color Zebra
  • color Maple (V1)
  • color Blond Maple (V1)
  • color Natural (V1)
  • color Light Cherry (V1)
  • color Medium Teak (V1)
  • color Medium Oak (V1)
  • color Cherry (V1)
  • color Dark Mahogany (V1)
  • color Medium Walnut (V1)
  • color Black Oak (V1)
  • color Espresso (V1)
  • color Light Walnut (V1)
  • color Dove Grey (V1)
  • color Pangar Wenge (V1)
  • color Maple (V2)
  • color Natural Hemlock (V2)
  • color Sand Oak (V2)
  • color Natural Oak (V2)
  • color Chalk Oak (V2)
  • color Light Oak (V2)
  • color Straight Anigre (V2)
  • color Bronze Cherry (V2)
  • color Medium Cherry (V2)
  • color Natural Cherry (V2)
  • color Medium Brown Cherry (V2)
  • color Light Fawn Cherry (V2)
  • color Light Walnut (V2)
  • color Old English Walnut (V2)
  • color Peacock Green Walnut (V2)
  • color Ebony (V2)
  • color Grigio (V2)
  • color Figured Sycamore (V3)
  • color Natural Chestnut (V3)
  • color Figured Anigre (V3)
  • color Makore (V3)
  • color Sapele (V3)

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Sustainable Design

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Additional Info

      Environmental Certification
    • BIFMA level™ 3 certified
    • Rated Sustainable Gold under the SMaRT© Consensus Sustainable Product Standard
    • Available with an FSC®-certified claim
    • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®
    • GREENGUARD Children & Schools CertifiedSM
    • Can contribute to achieving LEED certification for Existing Buildings, Commercial Interiors and New Construction
      Sustainable Design
    • Manufactured using clean technology in an ISO 14001 certified building in Muskegon, MI
    • Recycled content steel
    • Available in 100% recycled content fabric
    • 100% recycled content particleboard
    • Steel and aluminum components recyclable
    • Powder coating, water-based adhesives and UV-cured wood coatings are virtually VOC-free

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Featured Projects

Using shallow storage units as space dividers was a concept that Knoll had been considering for years. As the open plan design philosophy moved away from the panel-enclosed individual workstation, and towards a more open, collaborative layout, Knoll saw a market for the innovative planning scheme. The central concept was a spine wall deep enough to accommodate hanging files, but compact enough to be used in between other systems components — basically a thick panel.

Antenna Design was brought in to realize the concept. With the help of Knoll team member David Noel, Antenna created a kit of parts, which could be used in literally hundreds of layouts and horizons to create efficient storage solutions while consolidating components and saving space.

By relocating the storage capacity of traditional pedestal and overhead units, as well as technology management, to the spine, the space around the primary worksurface was opened up.

“With the primary worksurface positioned perpendicularly, the horizontal spine becomes your back and forth, a conduit for collaboration,” explains Noel. Template’s dual-sided access also allows interaction between workstations on opposite sides of the spine, “It’s not two units back to back, but a yin and yang.”

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