New Ideas for the Way You Work

Meeting spaces have always been a crucial part of the workplace. Dress them up or down with a combination of furniture and new technologies.

The Modern Meeting

Meeting spaces have become increasingly versatile as workplaces favor diverse and open-plan layouts. Enclosed for group privacy and cross-site communication or open for training and the occasional birthday celebration.

The Basics

Meeting spaces do more than just gather people - they host big decisions, support conference calls and train new associates. The secret: efficient conference tables or flexible training tables paired with high-performing chairs. 

Power-Up Discreetly

As more and more devices find their way into meeting spaces, conference tables must seamlessly integrate power, minimizing disruptions to the larger group. (No one wants to be that person tip toeing in front of the board looking for an outlet.)

Make It Unique

Non-enclosed meeting spaces double as inviting areas for work. However, they often require sound management such as acoustic ceiling baffles or wall panels. Leverage acoustic architectural solutions to include brand colors or unique wall designs. 

Reimagine your meeting spaces to unlock its full potential. 

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