Workshop It

New Ideas for the Way You Work  
Workshop It

Spontaneous collaboration is a gateway to innovative and new ideas. Breakout spaces harness that energy, providing the right tools to keep you and your peers going. 

The New Norm

Collaboration has become a new workplace standard. Today, over 50% of work is group-based. 

Size Up Or Down

Breakout spaces facilitate conversation and spur new ideas. Don't let a lack of seating get in the way. Plan an enclave for three to four people or an informal team meeting space for five to eight. 

Tools For Teamwork

Teams need large writable surfaces or viewing monitors; desk-height tables or communal counters; combinations of lounge furniture and side seating; and a clearly defined unifying space, open or enclosed.

Breakout spaces support that light bulb moment, gathering people around a table or whiteboard to work though that budding idea. 

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