Welcome to Knoll at Fulton Market, a transformative space that echoes the vitality of this reimagined urban neighborhood and reflects our connections across the way we work and live.

811 W. Fulton Market

Knoll Design Days at Fulton Market
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Florence Knoll’s pioneering “total design” perspective, which channeled the power of good design, blurring the lines between workplaces and homes, is more relevant than ever.  As the workplace constantly reinvents itself, our ever-evolving constellation of design-driven brands unites legacy and innovation to create inspired modern interiors that foster rich interactions and impact what we do.

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Ideas that Inspired the Space

Intro Individuals Teams

Individuals, Small Groups and Teams

The best planning optimizes for the needs of individuals and groups, small or large. Our range of classic and contemporary products naturally work together to create adaptable integrated settings for one to many.

Natural Materiality 

People want to spend time in places that make them feel good. Warm woods, soft felt and colorful textiles bring the outside in. Our extensive finish options across the constellation of brands come together to establish a new material standard.

Intro Natural Materialty
Intro Architecture

Architectural and Acoustic Harmony

In today’s open office, we need moments of privacy and quiet. Made-to-measure KnollTextiles and Spinneybeck | FilzFelt architectural and acoustic solutions enable flexible space division within visual and acoustic separation.

Hospitality Experience

Inviting spaces energize us. Our scope of plannable furniture elements, American Modern classics and Muuto’s new perspectives on Scandinavian design create spaces with a welcoming ambience and positive social experience.

Intro Hospitality
Intro Technology

Engaging Technology

We partner with best-in-class tech companies to deliver technologies that pair with our products to activate the office and facilitate greater connection, collaboration, and comfort at work.

A Perspective on Planning: The Choice is Yours 

Our new Fulton Market space demonstrates that today’s most successful workspaces offer people a choice-based experience. The environment illustrates how workspaces are no longer limited to either/or, but rather promote both/and, supporting a range of activities and experiences. An experience-based workplace offers people choice and mobility, allowing them to adapt a space to fit the needs for the task at hand. 

Consider Evolving Your Planning Strategy From:

Open or Enclosed to Open and Enclosed... 
Owned or Communal to Owned and Communal...
Individual or Team to Individual and Team...
Work or Social to Work and Social...
Focus or Collaboration to Focus and Collaboration...
Physical or Digital Solutions to Physical and Digital Solutions.

     take   a

6 Floor

Enter the space on Floor 6. Planned for a choice-based experience, products from across the constellation of brands layer together to create inviting spaces, gathering places and adaptive areas with opportunities for focused and collaborative work.

6Thfloor Plan

A Warm Welcome

Through an elegant entryway, and bathed in light, our welcome work bar explores exquisite materiality and new twists on classic pieces. Take a seat (or a stool) or stand at the height that works best for you.

2019 Knoll Design Days1099 Craft High

Lounge and Connect

Chat or get down to work with Antenna Power Beam and the Florence Knoll Lounge Collection by KnollStudio in this multi-purpose space that can be adapted for everything from a casual meeting to a cocktail party or presentations.

Break Away

Creative Wall enclosures with FilzFelt baffles come together as booths for getting together – or getting away. These "diner" booths offer proximity to the work bar and feature an acoustical ceiling solution that dampens noise while still keeping you connected to the space.

Knoll Design Days 2956 Craft High

Work Your Way

Gather for meetings and presentations or find a quiet moment in a Rockwell Unscripted amphitheater. Rockwell Unscripted Steps offer a place to perch for a fresh perspective.

Adaptable for Task and Team

A variety of planning ideas for individual workspaces—with adjacent storage to meet the team's needs—includes breakaway refuge and enclave rooms for privacy. Height-adjustable benching and tables form highly adaptive individual workstations.

Knoll Design Days 3178 Craft Low

k. Bench, Tone

Knoll Design Days 2888 Craft Low

↑ Antenna Workspaces Big Table


7 Floor

Take the stairs to Floor 7, an exciting space filled with products and ideas that support highly flexible and mobile work. Power is more accessible than ever, textiles punctuate the palette, Creative Wall delivers serenity in open space and a new collection of tables offers a spontaneous twist on traditional worksurfaces.

7Thfloor Plan

Team Time

A series of spaces – workstations, casual lounge, and meeting – are defined and connected by the Creative Wall enclosures that surround them. Adjacent tables and lounge pieces create secondary breakout spaces.

Knoll Design Days 3104 Craft High

↑ Rockwell Unscripted Sawhorse Bench, Generation by Knoll

Knoll Design Days 3121 Craft High

↑ Rockwell Unscripted Modular Lounge

Knoll Design Days 3136 Craft High

↑  Islands Table, Dukta Wall, Muuto Five Pouf, Muuto Oslo Sofa

Power Up

Antenna Power Beam is a slim, agile take on the technology spine, allowing the freedom to plan flexible workplaces.

2019 Knoll Design Days1401 Craft High

Table It

The new Islands Table collection for Knoll Office brings unexpected shapes and performance to shared spaces. 

2019 Knoll Design Days1407 Craft High

Get Colorful

Explore dynamic upholstery, drapery and wallcovering from KnollTextiles.

2019 Knoll Design Days1335 Craft Low
Color Collage on Womb Chair
2019 Knoll Design Days1358 Craft Low
Imprint upholstery on Sarineen Executive Chair
2019 Knoll Design Days1350 Craft High


5 Floor

Much of Floor 5 serves as the North American flagship showroom of Scandinavian design brand Muuto, the latest addition to the Knoll constellation of brands. Muuto collaborates with the best of today’s contemporary designers to bring new perspectives to Scandinavian design through forward-looking materials, techniques and bold creative thinking.

5Thfloor Muuto

A Residential Aesthetic 

Users expect some of the comforts of home in a workplace environment. Casual, comfortable seating, and homey touches such as freestanding lighting and floor coverings bring a relaxed, honest aesthetic to the office.

Chicaho Showroom 2019 Muuto Lo Res 20 Craft High

Places to focus 

Find spaces to get away in the open plan with furniture that allows for privacy.

Chicaho Showroom 2019 Muuto Lo Res 2 Craft High

Vibrant Café

Grab a seat for a bite or get together with a team in this adaptable group space with open views where abundant plants and greenery bring the outside in. 

Chicaho Showroom 2019 Muuto Lo Res 25 Craft High

On the other side of Floor 5, products from across the constellation combine to create flexible training and meeting spaces and compelling group spaces. Mixed with more traditional workplace furniture, soft seating and nimble tables create non-prescriptive spaces ready for the task at hand.

5Thfloor Constellation

Get Together

KnollStudio and Muuto come together to create inspired spaces for groups.

Knoll Design Days 3084 Craft High

↑ Rockwell Unscripted Sawhorse Table, Muuto Oslo Side Chair (New), Muuto Five Pouf

Tackle Training

Nimble Pixel tables and Ollo seating address the need for flexible training spaces.

2019 Knoll Design Days1280 Craft High

↑ Pixel Training Tables, Ollo

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