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Holistic Ergonomics

Ensuring well-being through a holistic approach to workplace design

Investing in furniture is to invest in people. Evidence supports Holistic Ergonomics™ in the workplace as a major factor in realizing improved staff performance, satisfaction and, in turn, retention.

Knoll takes a “holistic” approach to office ergonomics, integrating the traditional disciplines of engineering and cognitive ergonomics with a broader range of issues, including collaboration, learning, group productivity and other concerns of today’s interactive workplace, to enhance the well-being and performance of office workers.

Through ongoing research and innovation, Knoll helps organizations of all sizes and across industries provide safe and ergonomic working environments, especially as computing devices proliferate, traditional planning footprints shrink, and the diversity of spaces for work expands.

At Knoll, our commitment to thoughtful design and quantitative research, coupled with leading edge technology, has resulted in a portfolio of ergonomic products, including task seating, adjustable work tables, technology support and lighting that helps ensure the well-being of your team. These ergonomic products form the building blocks of a workplace that facilitates productivity and comfort.


Generation by Knoll®
ReGeneration by Knoll®
Remix® High Back Chair
Tone Height-Adjustable Tables
Antenna® Telescope
Reff Profiles™ Sliding Tables
Currents® Tables
Sapper XYZ®
Sapper™ Single Monitor Arm
Sapper™ Triple Monitor Arm
Sparrow® Desktop Light
Highwire® Under-cabinet Light
Keyboard Supports