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Workplace Technology

Technology is not only fundamental to the productivity of today’s workforce, it’s increasingly shaping the way we work and live. Knoll partners with best-in-class technology companies to deliver solutions that adapt to the unique needs and space of each organization, today and in the future. These workplace technologies pair with our products to facilitate greater connection, collaboration, and comfort at work. The utilization insights they capture drive smarter decision making and efficient operations.

With our clients, we design and plan technology-enabled workplaces that are frictionless, flexible, and above all, healthier and more engaging for the people who work there.

Our Partners

At Knoll, we believe in partnering with technology companies that are dedicated to a future-looking approach to workplace technology, and helping our clients match the right kit of products, including our furniture and our partners' technology, to create a workplace that supports employees and help organizations manage and optimize space.

Digital Solutions for Better Employee Experiences And Data-Supported Workplace Decisions


Streamline the workplace experience with a simple app to find, book and locate resources across the campus. Book space, find colleagues and navigate the campus right from your own device or a public kiosk. Utilize booking data to understand how the space is being used for informed decision making.

Wellness for Height-Adjustable Tables

Users can set personal preferences including reminders to stand and can adjust the table from their computer. Personal preferences travel with the user so any intelligent desk will automatically recognize those preferences when the user docks their laptop. With RIO Wellness Coach, users can set personal wellness goals and track their progress.


Leverage the data from Companion and height adjustable tables to inform organizational decision making. Proprietary sensors can also be installed to cross-reference booking information with actual behavior. And on this flexible platform you can choose a sensor-based short-term study or ongoing monitoring leveraging the entire platform.

Workplace Utilization Metrics for Defined Spaces

Density helps customers improve business operations, reduce costs, and drive growth with their intelligent sensors and analytics software, which can anonymously count people in a space in real-time to provide utilization data.

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