KnollTextiles Collaborator Collections


KnollTextiles is renowned for enriching spaces with color, pattern and texture. Our collections offer a full range of products in the Modernist tradition from upholstery and drapery to wallcovering and healthcare curtains for commercial and residential clients. Against the backdrop of the rich and storied work of Florence Knoll, KnollTextiles combines beauty and function, producing fresh perspectives for contemporary interiors.

KnollTextiles Cozy Cord Upholstery
FALL 2021

The New Fundamentals Collection

Explore the intersection of beauty and performance with the New Fundamentals Collection featuring upholstery, acoustic drapery, and PVC-free wallcovering that exceeds the demands of today's high-traffic interiors.

KnollTextiles Cozy Cord Upholstery
KnollTextiles Montage Collection

The Montage Collection

Collaging together all-new and already favored designs to form a fresh expression for today's market, the Montage Collection offers surface interest, depth, texture and tactility—all connected by a cohesive color language.

KnollTextiles Cozy Cord Upholstery
KnollTextiles Spring Forward Collection

The Spring Forward Collection

Built on the emotional, thoughtful and personal nature of color, the Spring Forward Collection delivers a fresh perspective on upholsteries you know and love—from budget-friendly KT Collection favorites to an archive-inspired classic. Immerse yourself in color with the Spring Forward Collection.

KnollTextiles Diva Upholstery
KnollTextiles Fields Collection

The Fields Collection

The Fields Collection, with Rachel & Nicholas Cope of Calico Wallpaper, combines artisanal methods from the decorative arts with innovative digital technologies to create distinctive wallcoverings.

KnollTextiles Ascent Wallcovering