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KnollTextiles 75th Anniversary

75 Years of KnollTextiles

KnollTextiles celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. Join us to reflect on the company’s long legacy of pioneering design and innovation.

Founded by visionary designer Florence Knoll in 1947, KnollTextiles has long been a leader in modern, design-driven fabrics. Florence established a practice of collaborating with highly talented designers and publicly crediting them for their work, forever changing the language of modern textiles.

KnollTextiles Nylon Homespun
Nylon Homespun by Suzanne Huguenin revolutionized the entire textile industry—introducing a mass-produced performance upholstery with the texture and appearance of a handwoven wool.

Modern Textiles Over the Years​​

Some of the iconic fabrics that have helped define the KnollTextiles line include Nylon Homespun (1965) by Suzanne Huguenin, Eclat (1974) by Anni Albers, and Cato (1961) by Paul Maute, which became one of Knoll’s most successful products and is currently still in production.

Today, KnollTextiles designs continue to evolve the modernist tradition, while several textiles in the collections are direct nods to archival fabrics.

KnollTextiles Heritage Collection
Summer 2022

The Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection comprises eight archive-inspired textiles that honor the history of KnollTextiles and build upon the brand’s modernist traditions.​

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KnollTextiles Rivers Archive
Marabu, 1972
Archival contributions, including Marabu (1972), inform The Heritage Collection.
KnollTextiles Rivers
Homage, 2022
A nod to KnollTextiles’ history of creating textures with a handcrafted aesthetic.