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Explore the Pattern Play Collection

The Pattern Play Collection

This collection introduces vibrant upholstery and wallcovering patterns with unexpected design elements and color combinations plus a well-priced velvet drapery multi-use grade-10 panel fabric.

KnollTextiles Cozy Cord Upholstery
FALL 2021

The New Fundamentals Collection

Explore the intersection of beauty and performance with the New Fundamentals Collection featuring upholstery, acoustic drapery, and PVC-free wallcovering that exceeds the demands of today's high-traffic interiors.

KnollTextiles Cozy Cord Upholstery
KnollTextiles Montage Collection

The Montage Collection

Collaging together all-new and already favored designs to form a fresh expression for today's market, the Montage Collection offers surface interest, depth, texture and tactility—all connected by a cohesive color language.

KnollTextiles Cozy Cord Upholstery
KnollTextiles Topos Performance Upholstery

Meet Topos, Your New Favorite Performance Upholstery

Armed with Supreen® total liquid barrier and made of bleach cleanable fibers, our new Topos performance chenille upholstery delivers a wealth of boast-worthy attributes–all while attaining a luxurious look and feel.

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KnollTextiles Spring Forward Collection

The Spring Forward Collection

Built on the emotional, thoughtful and personal nature of color, the Spring Forward Collection delivers a fresh perspective on upholsteries you know and love—from budget-friendly KT Collection favorites to an archive-inspired classic. Immerse yourself in color with the Spring Forward Collection.

KnollTextiles Diva Upholstery
KnollTextiles Bleach Cleanable Fabrics

Understanding Bleach Cleanable & Antimicrobial Fabrics

Bleach cleanable and antimicrobial fabrics are a hot topic right now. With our wide selection of fabric offerings, cleaning agent testing and more, we are here to help.

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