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Knoll Textiles


From solids and textures, to current patterns, the Knoll Textiles line of upholstery focuses on both classic and innovative materials, many of which are made in the USA.

KnollTextiles Nick Cave Collection - Puff Upholstery


Puff, a cozy faux shearling with loft, is available in a palette of thirteen colors based on Nick Cave’s rainbow-colored synthetic hair Soundsuit.

KnollTextiles Nick Cave Collection - Puff Art Inspiration
KnollTextiles Nick Cave Collection - Doily Upholstery


Inspired by one of Nick Cave’s Soundsuits, the upholstery Doily is created by using both modern technology and hand craftsmanship. Woven and embroidered elements are blended, resulting in a stunning and multidimensional surface.

KnollTextiles Nick Cave Collection - Doily Art Inspiration
Knoll Textiles Homage Upholstery


Homage celebrates Knoll Textiles’ history of creating exaggerated textures with a hand-crafted aesthetic. The upholstery is the fusion of archival contributions, with individual patterns and textures collaged together as a study of eight unique weave structures bound with a chunky boucle accent color.

Knoll Textiles Homage Upholstery
Knoll Textiles Pillows

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Renowned for enriching spaces with modern colors, patterns and textures since 1947, Knoll Textiles offers a thoughtfully curated selection of in-stock pillows—from high-performance and indoor/outdoor options to exquisite Knoll Luxe designs.

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